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  /  Aman Madan

Aman Madan

Living up to his name is too mainstream, literally and figuratively. So Aman has been a theatre artist half his life, he dived into the world of stories, stepped into the shoes of numerous characters and discovered numerous insights; they’re all a part of his ideation regimen. With the right strategy, he now crafts content that transcends all media.

A bonafide idea is like a needle in a haystack; full of puzzles and curiosities. But often when one need them the most they find that these little ideas have fled away from their intellectual confinements; the classic case of a ‘Missing Ideantity’. That’s where Aman comes to the rescue and luckily for the marketers at Topline, 221B Baker Street is always around the corner.

For personnel leisure, his clock oscillates from memes to politically incorrect themes. Cheerio!