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Googling it for 21 years and Branded for Life!

Brands that scale up from a noun to a verb and are a part of the everyday language, have kind of reached the peak of perfection of branding. If you don’t trust me on this… just Google it!

25 years of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.: Could it BE more legendary?

It was like a wish had come true, a new girl, drenched and panicked, stormed into the coffee house and hence it all began. Monica found a roommate, Ross grabbed a spoon, Phoebe sang her first song, Joey flirted for the first time, Chandler, well, he was his sarcastic self and Rachel found FRIENDS. 

Campaigns that have the marketing world in awe

A powerful marketing campaign has the potential to boost your brand awareness and engage millions of potential customers. With the entire world going digital, you don’t want to miss out on this ever-growing market boiling with opportunities. Using multiple platforms to tap into trends and tell engaging stories, successful campaigns use a range of styles and themes to help brands create a buzz around their message, product and brand.

Narendra Modi: The 56-inch Superhuman

A chaiwala, a chowkidar, a man who crafted the Gujarat model, a superhuman, Narendra Damodardas Modi, the brand of India. Ten years ago, the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, was an authoritarian, surrounded by controversies for being communal in the eyes of the media and the people. How did the man, who was once called megalomaniac, become the biggest brand in the country?

Marketing in the Age of Convergence

Simply put, Marketing is gaining access to the target audience’s mind-space and influencing them positively to make a brand preference. Adfactors led the torch into the fields of marketing when it signed a MoU with upGrad, a leading education company, to train 300 of its client-servicing employees in digital marketing & communications