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Have you blocked the conference room, yet?

“A better version of ourselves in 2020”


Coinciding with the party planning meeting was our year analysis. Topline’s Conference Room was no less than a busy hotel lobby thronged by colleagues of all age groups and expertise. The only constant was my hot water tumbler to beat the chill, the diary for notes and the urge to stay focused to be able to take notes.

“Are you sure the centrally air-condition vent does not throw hot air in winters?”

“What’s going to be our strategy for next year… Second thoughts I think we are on the right track, we stick to our strategy. We’ve got a good yield… We’ll continue to gain newer brands as accounts and growing bigger.”

“Good. Add a quarterly corpus for new hires and infra in the annual budget for next year. Rather, make it monthly now.”

“Talking of budget, how much should we keep for the Christmas and New Year? It’s our first and it’s been quite reassuring. I say we splurge! Yes, we emphasise on sharing. But, it’s clichéd for us… Ok fine, but we’ll make the sharing exciting.”

“I wonder how much can you innovate on the Secret Santa but I leave it to your creative best. Ensure everyone has fun and we bond more.”

“Yes, that’s eventually happening. How about our collective thoughts on the Hong Kong Project. From where I see, we take the deal. High chances, we may not get it at this price a week from now?”

“You wanna lose small. I wanna win big. Look at it from a different perspective… We do have a considerable opportunity to extract not only a good dividend but make sure the client maintains a top position in the market. The plan we have shared is ambitious for a company like them, they will take time to digest it and they will soon realise it’s awesomeness. And as of today, they have a marketing meeting taking place on this in their office.”

“Hmmm… that’s cool. And the quote was pretty nice… Loose small, win big.”

“It wasn’t mine sadly. Harvey Specter has used it before. But same thought-wave.”

“I like Suits.”

“Oh yes Suits, we are hooked on to it these days. Professionally, it kind of armours me with the wisecracks in how they find solutions to difficult cases. Personally, I’ve now raised the standards of challenges in life.”


“Yes, it’s also reassuring, you know. We take some hard decisions here and in life. People may perceive them differently at first judgements. But it’s realised soon that they are in the interest of merit to thrive, equal opportunity to prevail and the faith in the company.”

“Oh come on… There’s too much of Alpha male and Alpha female trickery that’s happening in there. Sometimes, it’s a little pressing. You don’t expect everyone in a space to be of the same mindset, personality type or say the degree of capabilities.”

“I’ll have to quote Harvey again, “Oh you want an easy life? I hear Mc Donald’s is hiring.”

“And I’ll list out a few more which will help us aim higher, raise the benchmarks and keep upgrading our original versions to being better faster and happier.

“Alright, I’d move on quoting Harvey again that you always have a choice. I’d yet stress on how Suits define success. I think it will be universal to all. As marketing executives, we can never forget that the main goal isn’t to make customers happy but to make them successful. Serve the client with honest intentions as our customers’ success is our success.”

“Agreed… Cool. And I hope no one was taking any notes of this meeting?”

“Great… as always then.”