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  /  Blog   /  How do I motivate my GenZ team?

How do I motivate my GenZ team?

Himali Singh

 A new generation, this year, transformed from students to employees. The ones who grew somewhere between cassettes and YouTube have entered the workforce. In the “new world”, Millennials are no more the fresh batch, they are the superiors. They need to supervise a whole new generation with different ideas, culture and outlook, so how do they motivate their GenZ team?

GenZ, the digital natives, were brought up in a world of technology. They are exposed to an abundance of information and the ability to cross-reference. According to United Nations Data, “Gen Z will comprise 32 per cent of the global population of 7.7 billion in 2019, nudging ahead of millennials, who will account for a 31.5 per cent share”. 

So here is a letter by the GenZ Topline girl on how you can motivate us.

Dear Millennial,

I am a product of the internet. For me, the doubts and the knowledge didn’t keep me waiting for a night, wondering when would the Library open, they were just a WiFi away. If I could exaggerate just a little bit, I would say that my mobile phone is an extension of my hand. In most of the meeting, I might just be on my phone. Not because scrolling through Instagram is what I represent but because typing the notes down on my phone is easier than finding a notebook and a pen (also, it helps me avoid spelling mistakes). 

It may seem that I switch jobs every twelve months. True. After a 10 to 7 day, when I meet my peer group, they had already sung their first song on stage or got their first By-Line in their favourite newspaper and I am not excited in what I do. *Crosses Instability and writes Passion*

I am distracted. I leave my chair every hour. You might think, I will never achieve the bigger milestones and that I am not good enough. To tell you the truth, for a long time, I thought so too! I get distracted reading a 500-word article and why wouldn’t I? When Google pops your favourite book beside a boring article, you go to Amazon and buy the book! Maybe we are a short-term goal type of people. But that doesn’t make us inefficient, or does it? 

Sometimes I don’t agree to the protocols, I act devoid. Honestly, the only conditions we accepted were the terms of Facebook and look at how that turned out! Can you blame us? 

We have had different role models. While there were the freedom fighters and scientists for you, it was the Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs we were exposed to. 

You and I, Millennials and GenZers, together are like Spider-Man: Homecoming, the super team. I need the perfect armour and guidance from your experience and achievements to fly on my own. And when you are not around and I still need to fight the market battles, I would have been trained by the best.


Peter Parker to your Tony Stark, 

A GenZ

Enclosed: Bonus Points


Individual Growth

Appreciating their superpowers and helping them to gain more powers in different fields.

Reward on Success

Give them credit and recognition when they succeed in their work or achieve a target. 

Money-based incentive

GenZ is motivated insurance plans, bonuses, incentives and are competitive about salaries. 

Creative Space

GenZ can not sit on a chair in front of a laptop for hours. They are motivated by creative areas for their creative minds to function. 

Entrepreneurial Approach

GenZ has an entrepreneurial approach to work. They have new and fresh ideas which need to be acknowledged and accepted. This acceptance motivates them to treat the company as their own.