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  /  Blog   /  Have You Blocked The Conference Room, Yet?

Have You Blocked The Conference Room, Yet?

Udit Joshi

Any new assignment these days raises a rattle in the office. Our experts with expansive marketing backgrounds lunge to the opportunity to push in their acumen the most. It gets all too volatile when a new project is seen through the many different lenses to drive one vision. Blessed are those who are born in these times. At Topline, brands are in for some great pampering, getting the attention and affection of the many hands of marketing.

Racing a marathon and running a successful marketing campaign have a surprising number of similarities. Successful marketing takes planning, sustained effort, and determination, just like running a marathon… but what if it comes to marketing a marathon itself?


Excerpts from the conference room follow below –

“Can we add tech to the marathon, make it like Temple Run, Subway Surfers where runners keep collecting powers as they run. We’ll enhance the user engagement, take it to another level.”

“Better, we make these powers collected dedicated to a cause. Cause Marketing is on the run, like MG Motors’ #WorthWaitingFor campaign?”

“The entire process has to be synchronised to the theme. And at each level, we will use influencer marketing to maximise amplification.”

“Guys, TikTok will always get us the best results at the best price. After all, that’s where our TG lies. Imagine the wealth of content we’ll get.”

“And PR? At least let’s have it as an alternative tool for organic SEO? Moreover, it will lead the brand awareness by penetrating deep to the end-user through newspaper and local TV channels.”

“In all our ad spends will be a couple of OOH, a week’s radio prime time, no TV but Fb, Insta and a couple of website landing pages. Can we also use native ads in the dating apps for this geography? Check on that possibility?”

“Guys, I see you making no good use of Whatsapp. Can we have some fun short videos? I know we don’t have the budget from the client but this will be a value add.”

“Let’s get them to scan a QR Code which will take them to the registration form. We can do this tie-up with the mall on a weekend.”

 “Let’s also give coupons along at the shopping at Decathlon or any sports brand. Talk to the FitBit guys. Get the business development team started for sponsorships.”

“Twitter? What about it? Nah… Twitter people don’t run, mostly rant. Nothing doing there. Oh yeah but tag the PMO and sports ministry.”

“Collaborations with schools, colleges and corporates with their individual mini-branding opportunities. We can organise them on WhatsApp groups for practice sessions. It will raise the engagement level even more.”

“Don’t forget to tie up with the local gyms. Get posters, jpegs to be shared. Offer them some discounts too. Beauty parlours, spa? Alright, chuck them.”

“We’ll highlight the marathon heroes and heroines; that will be good storytelling across platforms.”

“Don’t miss out on the Hospital. We gotta make some money ourselves.”

“For experiential and sensory marketing let’s put in a flavour of Zumba with high octane music. No rap… more like EDM. Let there be one typical Punjabi gym song every 15 minutes for affinity.”

“Who’s taking care of the Premium sponsor branding? I want life-size cut-outs of the product at all checkpoints, start and finish line and at all hoardings.”

“Start a limited edition thing with early bird offers for product sales. Which is why we don’t want multiple conflicting brands of similar industries.”

“Let’s call up India’s face of Marathons to our event, oldest, youngest, recovered and those with super abilities. This will trigger emotional sensibilities and drive in large footfalls.”

“Add a little bit of nutritionist KoLs to the event, give them free / VIP invitation. Make sure they have more than 50,000 followers.”

“And listen, don’t let it skip the mind… We got to be in sync with the #SwatchaBharat, #FitIndia, #SkillIndia, #RunIndia, #LeapIndia, #JanDhanIndia, #UnitedIndia and as many schemes you know of.”

“Cool. Share the minutes on the group.”

“Hello! Who’s been taking the MOM?”