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  /  Blog   /  Campaigns that have the marketing world in awe

Campaigns that have the marketing world in awe

Kartik Kala

A powerful marketing campaign has the potential to boost your brand awareness and engage millions of potential customers. With the entire world going digital, you don’t want to miss out on this ever-growing market boiling with opportunities. Using multiple platforms to tap into trends and tell engaging stories, successful campaigns use a range of styles and themes to help brands create a buzz around their message, product and brand.

In this article, we shall look at some of the campaigns built on accurate insights executed in a beautiful and out of the box manner that changed the way consumers thought about the world around them. These winning campaigns are on this list because they led the way in thinking about how to use new-age marketing tools effectively, entertainingly and reinvented the way we look at marketing.

Ariel #ShareTheLoad

The video Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg called one of the most powerful she’d ever seen, #ShareTheLoad campaign for Ariel Matic encourages men to do their fair share of housework challenging decades of gender norms and empower women through a heartfelt campaign. It all started with a simple question- “Why can’t men do the washing?”

The objective was to launch Ariel Matic, a new premium detergent in the Indian Subcontinent, but the message went much further – going viral in 22 countries in 16 languages. The key takeaway for marketers is that sometimes simply questioning the status quo can go a long way to changing it.

Star Sports Mauka Mauka

A cricket crazy nation and a marketing campaign involving rivals India-Pakistan is one of the most well-known marketing campaigns in recent times.

Although initially planned as a standalone advert for the India–Pakistan group stage match, following the overwhelmingly positive response for the first video which garnered 5 million hits in just a couple of weeks, the channel made a series of adverts for each of India’s matches at the World Cup.

Publishing the campaign on YouTube first, before taking it to live on a TV, was an inspired and wise move. This helped to gauge the reactions and sentiments of the rabid cricket fanbase and avoid backlash. The ad also proved that, as a platform, YouTube can amplify the reach of a campaign through endemic content.

Coca Cola Small World Machines

There are tons of highly successful campaigns delivered by Coca Cola over the years that could easily make it to this list. Their consistent messaging of bringing ‘Happiness’ and ‘Joy’ to our world has led to multiple award-winning and iconic campaigns. However, this one has been very impactful and holds a special place in the illustrious line-up of Coca Cola campaigns.

In March 2013, Coca-Cola set out to break down barriers and create a simple moment of connection between two nations — India and Pakistan. The initiative “Small World Machines” provided a live communications portal between people in India and Pakistan and showed that what unites us is stronger than what sets us apart. The key to engaging with each other through the machines was simple: people in India and Pakistan could complete a task, like touching hands, drawing peace, love, and happiness symbols — together. The campaign’s goal was to provoke a small moment of joy and happiness and promote cultural understanding around the world- so it did. The video went viral generating rave reviews from experts and consumers alike from both sides of the border.

Vodafone ZooZoos

Introduced in a TV ad campaign that became one of the most successful marketing campaigns of all time, the ZooZoos had a monumental task of disassociating the Vodafone brand from the extremely popular ‘Follow you anywhere Pug’. Rebranded from Hutch, the campaign beat the famous dog seamlessly to ensure higher brand awareness and the first People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) 2009 Glitterbox Award, for replacing the Pug with more humane alternatives in their ads.

First seen in the second edition of IPL, ZooZoo has now become a staple campaign attached to the sporting event, creating a brand of its own with merchandise, events, and loyal fanbases becoming pop culture icons. The twitter campaign in 2016 recorded impressions of 90 million in just 2 days with the ZooZoo themed emoji custom made for the campaign.

Mutual Funds Sahi Hai

Mutual Funds will always be synonymous with the sped-up caution- Mutual Funds are subject to market risk. Please read the document carefully before investing.”. So, changing the perception of a seemingly risky financial instrument and making it accessible to common Indians was a tough ask. The evident objective of this campaign was to play up the simplicity and benefits of investing in mutual funds without getting into too many details.

The success of “Mutual Funds Sahi hai” campaign can be measured by the fact that it brought the complicated investment instrument into everyday conversations of regular Indian households. The numbers reflect this as well. According to the Association of Mutual Funds in India, fund houses added an average of 8.8 lakhs accounts every month with an average size of Rs. 3300 per SIP account.

Mahindra Gusto #GoGustoRides

Food can unite people as nothing else can. It is an integral part of our cultural diversity and brands that engage its consumers around food have already won half the battle. Hence a food ride for building brand awareness for a scooter is a refreshing idea. Roping in popular food bloggers for the campaign, Mahindra created a food ride experience by visiting some of Mumbai’s most famous and iconic food joints with influencers talking about the features and benefits of the Gusto on the way.

A lot of buzz was created online amongst ardent food lovers, bloggers, photographers and enthusiasts; all bound by one common passion – their love for exploring and discovering food. The campaign reached 7 million on Twitter alone and the hashtags trended twice on Twitter nationally since the launch.