Case Study

Tencent’s WeWorks created online space

How to achieve brand history volume, maximize, and establish a benchmark in the service industry?

During the Entrepreneurship Festival Week, Tencent leveraged the Chinese Premier’s visit through three core events:

  • Distribution of the red envelope for converting more entrepreneurs to come on board Tencent’s WeWorks
  • Entrepreneurship Festival for one day
  • Reality show “I am the founder“

This was done to promote WeWorks, Tencent’s co-working online space in order to enhance the brand image of Tencent in the minds of entrepreneurs

700 Million Impressions
The Premier distributed 1Bn RMB for 1Mn entrepreneurs at WeWorks space
The Baidu Index has climbed up to 0.29Mn with positive media coverage
Distribution of red envelope- Big event operation

It reached the peaks of company news  reporting and swept through leading portals, covering CCTV news broadcasts, and was spread by the official core media such as the State Council and the Chinese government network, covering the mainstream core portals, radiating well-known financial, scientific and technological innovations.

Create a phenomenal entrepreneurial festival

Topline wrote 31 manuscripts, totaling 1,594+ clippings, and the number of people covered by a single press release averaged 60 million. The peak value of a single article exceeded 100 million helping the platform achieve a total order value of over 100 million yuan, serving 1.31 million entrepreneurs.

“I am the founder”

Tencent Internet + Entrepreneurship Competition and Entrepreneur Reality Show jointly built the Star Stage, which covers 15 cities, 3 overseas competition regions (USA, India, Korea); and Zhejiang Satellite TV broadcast “I am the founder”, with jury being key industry big shots.