Case Study

Honor V8

How to make a new series of mobile phones make the cut for a benchmark product

As the innovative work of the V series, the Honor V8 shoulders the responsibility of enhancing the overall tone of the brand and occupying the mid-to-high-end market. Through the combination of engaging events and systematic operation, the Honor V8 successfully becomes the benchmark product.

Baidu Index exceeds 2 million
11.14 million Flagship Appointment Record 10Mn+ Initial Bookings
98% Favorable rate
  • Baidu index peaked at 2.015 million
  • The initial booking is over 11.14 million.
  • JD Shopping Fest (618) 2,500-2,999 yuan champion
  • JD 618 highest engagement in terms of users
  • Leading media to enhance industry influence: South Weekend, Southern Metropolis Daily, Blog World, Financial World.
  • New media technology issues such as Portal and Curiosity Daily: Boosting brand as well as product image.
  • Cross-brand promotional activities with Yuanmingyuan Garden, Audi, and Xinhua News Agency.
  • The ultimate technological property is strengthened and is sought after by a large number of geeks.
  • The dual-lens advantage continues to be strengthened.
  • 2K screen topic hype, once triggered the competition, executives participated in the discussion.